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  • What Are The Main Inspections For Custom PCB Assembly?

    High-quality custom pcb assembly has become the main requirement of the electronics industry. Custom pcb assembly acts as an integrated component of various electronic devices. If pcba manufacturers are unable to perform operations due to production errors, the functions of various electronic device

  • What Is The Importance Of Bom In Custom PCB Assembly?

    Custom pcb assembly involves a variety of raw materials and needs to be assembled before the actual production starts. How to determine the raw material requirements of PCB? The bill of materials (BOM) is the answer. A proper PCB component material list enables you to understand the exact components

  • How To Ensure That The Materials Purchased For Custom PCB Assembly Are Original?

    Many customers worry that in the cooperation method of custom pcb assembly including labor and materials, the purchase of materials cannot be strictly controlled, and they are worried that they are not original. In fact, it is very simple to solve this problem. PCB assembly suppliers are required to

  • Which One Has Better Quality And Service For Custom PCB Assembly Processing?

    Custom pcb assembly processing belongs to the traditional manufacturing industry. In the increasingly fierce competition, many china custom assembly manufacturers must do their own quality and service in order to have long-term customer stability. How do customers choose a PCBA processing manufactur

  • 8 Principles Of Custom PCB Assembly Manufacturability Design

    Giant is the leading China custom assembly manufacturer, offers pcb assembly in China. I often encounter customers asking how to design pcb assembly more reasonable. Now, Giant will share with you 8 principles of custom pcb assembly manufacturability design.1. Optimizing surface assembly and crimpin

  • What Are The Commonly Used Electronic Devices In PCB Assembly Processing?

    Custom PCB assembly is the key manufacturing process for the production of circuit boards. The processing technology mainly includes two major processes: PCB manufacturing and SMT patch processing. There is still one type of thing missing, that is, electronic devices. Electronic devices are a basic

  • The Difference between PCB and PCBA

    PCBA: Printed Circuit Board + Assembly, is a processing process. The blank PCB board passes through the SMT assembly, then passes through the DIP plug-in, and finally forms the finished product.PCB: Printed Circuit Board is an empty board, support for electronic components, and a carrier for electri

  • What Are The Main Technical Parameters Of The Placement Machine?

    The high-speed and high-precision SMT placement machine is an indispensable foundation for PCBA quality control. As the leading custom PCB assembly manufacturer in China, Giant provides pcb assembly services china, uses a high-speed placement machine with a maximum accuracy of 01005, ensuring accura

  • How Does SMT Chip Processing Count Points?

    Giant is a professional custom PCB assembly manufacturer in China. There are many customers all over the world. In the process of PCB assembly manufacturing, SMT chip processing is used. Engineers often need to calculate product processing fees, so how to calculate SMT processing fees? 1. Understand

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