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  • What Is PCBA Testing

    PCBA testing mainly includes five forms: ICT testing, FCT testing, Burn In Test, Fatigue Test, and Severe Conditions Test:The ICT (In-Circuit Test) test mainly includes circuit continuity, voltage and current values, fluctuation curves, amplitude, noise, etc., and does not involve function keys or i

  • What Problems Should Be Paid Attention To In PCBA Processing?

    What problems should be paid attention to in PCBA processing? What should be paid attention to in PCB production? The editor of china pcb assembly services manufacturer will take you to understand.Auditing a china pcb assembly services manufacturer must not only pay attention to its scale and enviro

  • How to use PCB for electronic products through pcba manufacturing?

    PCB refers to an empty circuit board. In this state, the circuit board does not contain any electronic components and looks like a green slate with dividing lines and spaces. Therefore, unless and until the entire assembly is completed, the PCB itself cannot be used for work.pcba manufacturing is al

  • Knowledge of SMT, PCB, PCBA, DIP

    There are many different nouns in custom pcb assembly processing. SMT, PCB, PCBA, DIP are the most common words. Next, Guangzhou PCBA processing factory will give you a brief introduction to what these words represent. significance.Recognition of SMT, PCB, PCBA, DIP in custom pcb as

  • Precise custom pcb assembly process

    The high-speed and high-precision SMT placement machine is an indispensable foundation for realizing the quality control of custom pcb assembly. Giant uses a high-speed Fuji placement machine with a maximum accuracy of 01005, which ensures the accuracy and speed of the placement. Among them, in the

  • How is the printed circuit board assembled?

    This is not easy to make a circuit board. Some gadget enthusiasts like to design and create their own printed boards, but they don't like the finished product of the machine. In addition, it takes a lot of time to make a large number of panels at home. Let us know that gives you a better idea during

  • Top 5 PCB Assembly Manufacturers in China

    PCBA is the abbreviation of Printed Circuit Board Assembly in English, which means that the blank PCB board goes through SMT loading, or the entire process of DIP plug-in, referred to as PCBA. There are many PCB assembly manufacturers in China, so which company to choose may make you wonder how to c

  • Why Is Flux So Important For Custom PCB Assembly Circuit Board Soldering?

    Flux is an important auxiliary material in custom pcb assembly circuit board welding. The quality of flux will directly affect the quality of printed circuit board assembly circuit board welding. Let me analyze why it is so important.1. The principle of flux weldingThe fact that the flux can take on

  • Why Do Custom PCB Assembly Circuit Boards Sometimes Need A Dispensing Process?

    Customers often ask the custom pcb assembly manufacturer when processing custom pcb assembly, do we need to do glue dispensing process for our products? At this time, we will communicate with the customer and determine whether to do the dispensing process based on the actual use of the product in th

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