AI Machine - Smart Tiger



Giant(Chinese Name:Hafuu) Intelligent guard robot - smart tiger

It is a new generation of intelligent robots jointly developed by Beijing Normal University, Central China Normal University and Giant.

We have independent intellectual property rights. Features and functions are as follows:

* Smart home control

It can realize the mode control of all smart homes, making your life easy and comfortable.

* Child Education/Entertainment Companion

a. Enlightenment develops children's language/voice, and plays a key first step in the coordinated development of children's education in all aspects.

b. Accompanying children, 22 basic actions, 40 cool dances. Let children no longer feel lonely;

c. Voice command dialogue, experience a different happy childhood;

d. Encyclopedia of scientific knowledge, simple graphic drawing and other functions, all available.

* Smart speaker

Listen to what you want, enjoy what you think. Quality life, smart life!

Smart Bluetooth connection, WIFI takes you to the world music scene!

Smart Tiger - Performance
SN Item Description
1 Home control 360 Comprehensive control; Max. Distance: 4M
2 Eyes Color: White, Frequency: 3times/Sec.
3 Speech Recognition Max.10M
4 Light color 7 colors can be controlled
5 Neck Rotation Angle: 90, Speed: <90mm/Sec.
6 Avoidance Detection distance: 30cm, Angle: 40
7 Swing Max. 55 on both sides, 125 on one side
8 IR/Ultrasound follow Detection distance: Max. 3M, Min. 5cm, Detection angle: Max. 140
9 Switch life 100 thousand times
10 Eyes Light 4   colors(White/Green/Blue/Yellow)
11 Forward speed Speed Max. 2m/Sec.
12 Turning speed Max   speed:1m/Sec,Angle:35
13 Working   temperature/humidity -20-60
14 Normal working time Min. 2Hours
15 Language Chinese/English(can be customized)
16 Waterproof No






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