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Custom Pcb Assembly Suppliers Transform Traditional Production To Smart Production

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Currently, custom pcb assembly suppliers, from raw material procurement, manufacturing, to product sales and circulation, all business and production processes are becoming more and more digital and intelligent. The continuous accumulation of data and the continuous development and maturity of data algorithms and models provide opportunities for the integration of artificial intelligence into the manufacturing industry, thereby promoting the transformation of enterprises from traditional production to intelligent production.

As a key technology for the transformation of intelligent manufacturing in manufacturing, the development of artificial intelligence not only empowers intelligent manufacturing, but also provides a new path for the evolution of the role of machines from "labor tools" to "labor partners."

In the early stage of custom pcb assembly services processing, I tried to use pure machinery instead of manual processing and assembly of PCBA parts. Of course, it failed to replace manual assembly of PCBA parts in the end. In many cases, the machine is too stylized and rigid, and does not have the flexibility of workers to manually assemble PCBA parts. There are many problems in the initial use. With the development of modern artificial intelligence, the pcba processing industry has begun a new generation of transformation. The specific content is analyzed below for you.

In an era when machines are not intelligent, human intelligence can only make up for it. However, people’s physical strength is limited and easy to fatigue, people’s intelligence and skills are different, and people’s mental state is uncontrollable. More importantly, many problems are limited to human discrimination and cannot be solved, such as a key component in a machine. What is the compound force? Will the vibration of the environment cause processing quality problems? When will the dust state in the workshop explode, etc.

Therefore, people have always expected that some "intelligent" elements other than the human body can participate in PCB processing and manufacturing, whether it is similar to human or other biological intelligent elements, added to the machine, production environment or production process, making the entire Manufacturing activities can meet this demand: all status information can be obtained in real time and quick response, all decisions are appropriate and timely, all product feature changes (individual needs) can be fully met, and all products are of high quality High value-added, all manufacturing processes are efficient and safe, all equipment maintenance is proactive and predictive, and all business operations are high-profit, low-cost, green and environmentally friendly, and so on.

Companies can use sensors and smart chips all over the workshop to process and analyze the full-link data in the production process, thereby improving production efficiency, inventory turnover, equipment utilization and other key indicators.

At the sales level, through the mining, calculation and analysis of massive transaction data, artificial intelligence can formulate automated and intelligent production plans for enterprises; at the production level, through the collection and analysis of product data and production equipment data, artificial intelligence Realize the intelligent diagnosis of production equipment and product quality, improve product yield; at the circulation level, collect product status data in time through the sensors deployed on the product, provide decision support for the production process of the enterprise, and also provide predictive maintenance repair service.






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