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How Does SMT Chip Processing Count Points?

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Giant is a professional custom PCB assembly manufacturer in China. There are many customers all over the world. In the process of PCB assembly manufacturing, SMT chip processing is used. Engineers often need to calculate product processing fees, so how to calculate SMT processing fees? 

1. Understand the SMT production process and the content of each process:

Loading--Printing solder paste--SMD components--visual inspection--passing reflow oven--ultrasonic cleaning--board cutting--visual inspection--packaging (some products require IC programming and PCBA function testing)

2. Calculate the number of patch components

SMT chip processing fee is generally calculated based on the number of component points. For SMT chip processing, one chip (resistance, capacitance, diode) is counted as one point, one transistor is counted as 1.5 points, and the four pins of IC are counted as one point. PCB board statistics All placement points on the board.

3. Calculate the cost

Processing fee = point * unit price of 1 point (processing fee includes: red glue, solder paste, washing water and other auxiliary materials)

4. Other expenses

The cost of measuring frame, steel mesh and others agreed upon by both parties shall be calculated separately.

According to the above steps, calculate the product processing fee to better quote the price to the customer. If you need pcb assembly services china, please contact Giant, a trusted PCBA manufacturer.

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