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Knowledge of SMT, PCB, PCBA, DIP

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There are many different nouns in custom pcb assembly processing. SMT, PCB, PCBA, DIP are the most common words. Next, Dongguan PCBA processing factory will give you a brief introduction to what these words represent. significance.

Recognition of SMT, PCB, PCBA, DIP in custom pcb assembly processing

1. SMT is called surface assembly technology. Components are divided into leadless or short leads. In actual production and processing, most of the circuit assembly technology is soldered and assembled by reflow soldering. It is also the most popular in the electronics assembly industry. A technology and craft.

2. PCB is an indispensable component of electronic products. Usually, the conductive pattern made of printed circuits, printed components or a combination of both on the insulating material according to a predetermined design is called a printed circuit. The conductive pattern that provides electrical connections between components on an insulating substrate is called a printed circuit board. It is an important support for electronic components and can carry components.

3. PCBA means that the PCB undergoes surface assembly technology, which is SMT chip processing, plus the entire process of DIP plug-in processing, which is called the PCBA process. PCBA can also be understood as a finished circuit board, that is, after all the processes of the circuit board are completed, it can be counted as PCBA.

4. DIP is a processing technology in PCBA processing. It is called dual in-line packaging technology, which refers to the integrated circuit chip that is packaged in dual in-line form. This packaging form is also used in most small and medium-sized integrated circuits. , The number of pins generally does not exceed 100.

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