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Mixed Assembly Advantages

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Introduction mixed assembly process

SMT has become the main mounting method in PCB assembly manufacturing, there are still some products that are not suitable in SMT assembly. 

Some products cannot be completely replaced by SMT process in terms of its function and structure. For example: high-end security products, core industrial products, medical products, military products, etc., the particularity of product functions limits their replacement with SMT process.

Then SMT assembly and others PCB assembly process need to be applied on the same board. This combination of assembly technologies is called a mixed assembly. Most of the components are welded on the board in surface mount configuration, but for some specific components that are not available in the SMT process, then mixed PCBA process is necessary.Giant can provide the following different mixed assembly process:

Process1 SMT Side A
Process2 SMT Side A+Side B
Process3 SMT Side A+   HI(Handing Insertion) Assembly
Process4 SMT Side A+Side   B+HI(Handing Insertion) Assembly
Process5 SMT Side A+AI(Auto   Insertion)+HI(Handing Insertion) Assembly
Process6 SMT Side A+AI(Auto   Insertion)+RI(Auto Vertical Insertion)+HI Assembly
Process7 SMT Side A+Side   B+RI+HI Assembly

Why still using Mixed Assembly Process?

As above talked about the advantages of SMT process: high precision and fast speed,Then why use other processes?Focus on 2 items:

1. Some special components limit it to be manufactured by SMT process, or the current science and technology has not yet solved the use of SMT process for such components.

For example: For components with high reliability requirements, it cannot reduce its size or shape to meet the SMT process.

High-performance electronic components, such as high-voltage, high-current electronic components, etc. These components still cannot be replaced with SMD components.

These components are usually used in high-standard fields such as security, automobiles, and military industries with high requirements.

2. Another reason is: the structural requirements of the product limit the SMT process.

Therefore, AI automatic horizontal plug-in, RI automatic vertical plug-in and manual plug-in technology are essential.

This kind of mixing process can most test the company's design, manufacturing and management level, and has higher requirements for various equipment.

Giant has served global customers for more than 10 years and has formed its own set of unique operating system to better serve customers!

In the current industry, Giant's engineers have overcome the SMT process problem of "through-hole connectors" and other components.

PCBA Assembly

PCB component assembly

This is an indispensable production process based on high-standard products in the manufacturing industry, and it also has high requirements for the company's technology, equipment and management level.

Giant is willing to work with global customers to challenge technical bottleneck, and is always ready to provide global customers with the highest quality products and services!

If you have a technical problem that cannot be solved, please contact Giant will give you a satisfactory answer!






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