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PCB Assembly Processing Method Selection

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21 During the rapid development of electronic products in the world, more and more electronic products have flooded into the market. There are two types of PCB assembly manufacturing processes: 

Incoming processing: the customer provides materials, and the factory provides SMT patch processing and DIP plug-in processing services.

Contract labor and materials: The customer provides complete information, and the factory is responsible for purchasing and production.

Faced with these two production and processing methods, more and more customers choose the latter-contract labor and materials. Why?

More and more people choose pcb assembly services china for labor and materials mainly for the following reasons:

1. Let professional people do professional things; the electronics manufacturing factory has a complete department system, clear division of labor, rich experience, multiple procurement channels, and the processing links are streamlined to a minimum, which helps to shorten the delivery time.

2. Cost savings. The processing method of contract labor and materials can greatly reduce the labor cost, time cost and material cost of the customer.

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