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Precautions for PCB Assembly Processing

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The quality of PCB assembly manufacturing processing is of the utmost importance, so the designer of PCBA at the beginning needs to take this into consideration. However, in some processing, the quality of normal operation is faulty. If the initial design draft of the board is not suitable, it is easy to cause damage to the solder joints or electronic materials of SMT components.

BGA, chip capacitors, crystal oscillators and other stress-sensitive devices are easily damaged by machinery and equipment or high temperature. Therefore, they should be placed on the PCB board with higher hardness, or reinforced devices, or avoided by certain methods. .

When PCBA components are laid out, sensitive electronic components must be laid out on a PCB with higher rigidity. For example, in order to avoid damage to sensitive electronic components of the PCB board during assembly, the connectors that fix the PCB board and the motherboard must be placed on the side of the PCB daughter board, and the distance from the screw holes should not exceed 10mm.

In order to avoid stress fracture of the BGA solder joints, avoid placing the BGA layout in a place that is prone to bending during PCB assembly. The poor design of BGA can easily cause its solder joints to crack when holding the board with one hand. It should be reminded that there must be reinforcement devices for the four corners of the large-size BGA.

When the PCB is bent, the solder joints at the four corners of the BGA receive the greatest force and are most likely to crack or break. Therefore, strengthening the four corners of the BGA is very effective in preventing the cracking of the corner solder joints. Special glue should be used for strengthening, or patch glue can be used for strengthening. This requires space for component layout, and the reinforcement requirements and methods are indicated on the process documents.

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