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Precautions When Choosing PCB Assembly Processing

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As the leading PCB assembly manufacturer in China, Giant provides custom PCB assembly services with a fast and cost-effective solution for your projects. Now Giant will explain to you the precautions when choosing PCBA processing.

PCB component assembly

PCB assembly processing is the core process in electronic processing. The quality of PCBA will directly determine the quality of electronic products, and the reliability and convenience of products are all closely related to the quality of PCBA. You need to be cautious when choosing a PCBA processing plant and processing. The following professional PCBA factory Pate Technology will give you a brief introduction to the precautions in choosing a processing plant and processing.

1. Component selection and welding reliability

In the selection of components for precision or high-requirement circuit boards, Pater Technology generally recommends customers to buy genuine and original electronic components from well-known brands because some second-hand or counterfeit electronic components are likely to appear different in use. All kinds of problems, resulting in product quality problems or direct damage affecting the product life.

Welding quality is also very important in electronic processing. This piece directly affects the reliability of the board and even the service life of the product. Defects in the welding process may cause air oxidation and heat radiation sources during use. , Falling and overload applications and other extreme conditions.

2. PCBA aging and extreme testing

In PCBA processing, both the aging test and extreme environment use test of a product are required. Strict testing can detect the reliability of the product, use information in the extreme environment, service life and other parameters, which will promote the improvement and promotion of the product. Come with the necessary reference data.

3. PCBA surface cleanliness

The cleanliness level of the PCBA surface is very important. Many hand-made solder slags and fluxes, etc., if left on the surface of the circuit board, will cause unpredictable risks in the entire application process of electronic equipment in the future.

4. After-sales service capability

In the process of choosing a PCBA factory, the after-sales serviceability of the processing factory is also a key reference factor. With the deep level of mass production and manufacturing, it will definitely cause safety hazards. At this time, the PCBA factory responds quickly and immediately cooperates with each other to deal with the work. Ability is crucial.

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