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Reliability Of Pcb Boards And Pcb Assemblies

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PCB is becoming more and more important, and the reliability of assembly has become an important manifestation of the competitiveness of electronic products.

How to Design for Optimal Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) Speed | Tempo

1. Introduction

With the rapid development of information technology, especially in the content and status of modern weapon systems, it has become a key factor in determining the overall strength of weapons and equipment, and the quality of electronic products directly determines the effectiveness of weapons and equipment on the battlefield. Therefore, it is particularly urgent to improve the assembly quality of electronic products, especially the reliability of PCB assembly.

2. Reasonable selection and design of components

The rational selection and design of components is a key link in PCB board-level assembly. According to the requirements of process, equipment and overall design, according to the electrical properties and functions of the determined components, the selection of the packaging form and structure of SMC/SMD plays a decisive role in circuit design density, productivity, testability and reliability. At present, the specifications and structures of SMT components are various, and integrated circuits that realize the same function may have various packaging forms; in the design of circuit PCBs, the specifications of components provided by market suppliers and the capacity of existing production equipment should be used. and accuracy to make a reasonable choice.

3. Selection and design of PCB substrate

The performance of the substrate is an important part of the PCB module, which greatly affects the electrical performance, mechanical performance and reliability of the electronic components, so it must be carefully selected.






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