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Shanghai Exhibition - Smart Home Series for New Product Release

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After a year, we came to this land again, this land where our dreams began!

Last year, we brought a brand-new children's toy robot - Huafu Shouwei Intelligent Companion Robot.

This year, we once again set foot on this place that made our dream set sail, and we brought more surprise products. The first is Huafu Shouwei's new generation upgrade product - the intelligent robot tiger.


After research, we have adopted the appearance of the tiger that children prefer. The bright warm yellow and cool black make the little tiger look cute and majestic. There is a little tiger walking on the road behind, don’t you think Is it cool?



Functionally, we have continued all the functions of the second-generation robot dog and made a brand new upgrade. In order to be more suitable for children aged 3-6, we have made all dance movements soothed so that when the robot tiger performs movements, the movement range will not be too large, which greatly protects the children’s safety and lengthens the body. Service life.



Robot Tiger is divided into offline and online modes. In offline mode, you can issue instructions to the robot tiger according to the command word form to complete the corresponding action. The built-in powerful resource library allows you to obtain abundant resources without the network.



In online mode, you can connect the robot tiger to the mobile phone APP, and control the motion of the robot tiger through the mobile phone APP; you can also put the robot tiger's motion, sound, light and other combinations into the programming program to make it show different programming effects. Your own programming programs and videos can also be uploaded to the community through the APP, so that other children who use Robot Tiger can also see them, and can download the programming programs you upload. With the children's programming textbooks of Beijing Normal University, the five major areas of children's pre-school education, health, language, society, science, and art, are developed in an all-round way. More exciting content, waiting for you to discover!


In addition to the series of smart toy robots, we are also alone in the field of smart homes! Huafu's self-developed product-Huafu Smart Switch has entered the mass production stage. I believe that we will see you soon in the near future. With it, you no longer have to leave the warm bed to turn off the lights in the cold night, and you don't need to wake up in the dark to turn on the lights. The mobile phone APP can remotely control the lights with one button. Afraid of the dark at night? But what should I do if the light is on all night and it consumes a lot of electricity? Turn off the light delay to solve your worries, lonely night, there are warm lights to accompany you to sleep at ease. The room switch setting is unreasonable? Rewiring is troublesome and unsightly? Huafu Smart Switch helps you solve the problem of redecorating. From then on, the bed at home is moved at will without fear of being blocked.


For the continuous development of the linkage of smart homes, through market research, we specially designed a dual-channel stereo car model smart speaker-Huafu the smart speaker, which is a smart speaker specially designed for civil servants. The customized speaker brings you the ultimate music experience, allowing you to listen to concerts at home. 360-degree control of air conditioners, TVs, fans, Huafu smart switches (more smart home products are being connected), no longer need to look for remote control everywhere, a speaker can control most of your home appliances. Abundant network resources allow you to easily grasp the changes in the world while relaxing.


During the exhibition, we still wear masks. This incident tells us that the epidemic has not passed yet and we still need to protect ourselves at all times. The face recognition thermometer can measure the temperature without taking off the mask. If the body temperature is abnormal, it will automatically alarm. If the body temperature is normal, it will automatically control the gate terminal to open the gate channel. The gate temperature meter is to control the switch of the gate by measuring the temperature of the wrist, and the temperature measurement can be started by placing the wrist on the temperature measurement place, rapid detection, and rapid passing






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