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SMT Capability

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SMT-Surface Mounting Technology

It is a kind of surface assembly components without leads or short leads (SMC/SMD for short, chip components in Chinese) mounted on the surface of a printed circuit board (Printed Circuit Board, PCB) 

or the surface of other substrates. Circuit assembly technology for welding and assembling by reflow welding method

Under normal circumstances, the electronic products we use are designed by pcb plus various capacitors, resistors and other electronic components according to the designed circuit diagram, 

so all kinds of electrical appliances need a variety of smt chip processing techniques to process

As a professional custom PCB assembly manufacturer in China, Giant supports all mounting components, the following list of 20 commonly used:

PN Type Name
1 CSP Chip Scale Package
2 BGA Ball Grid Array
3 UBGA Ultra-Fine Ball Grid   Array
4 QFN Quad Flat Pack   No-Lead 
5 QFP Quad Flat   Package 
6 SOIC Small Outline   Integrated Circuit 
7 PLCC Plastic Leaded Chip   Carrier 
8 POP Package-On-Package 
9 Chips Resistor,Capacitor,Bead,Diodes
10 Mosfet Field-effect   transistor
11 Connector Male,Female Connector
12 Socket IC,Memory card,LCD   socket etc.
13 HDMI High Definition   Multimedia Interface 
14 Shield Shield cover and   frame
15 DVI Digital Visual   Interface
16 Speaker Loudspeaker
17 Sounder Earphone
18 Crystal Crystal oscillator   package
19 Micro USB USB connector
20 Relay Relay node

SMT-Surface Mounting Technology  SMT-Surface Mounting Technology 1






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