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What Are The Commonly Used Electronic Devices In PCB Assembly Processing?

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Custom PCB assembly is the key manufacturing process for the production of circuit boards. The processing technology mainly includes two major processes: PCB manufacturing and SMT patch processing. There is still one type of thing missing, that is, electronic devices. Electronic devices are a basic part of china pcb assembly service and are also an important factor affecting the performance and quality of custom PCB assembly finished products. So what are the commonly used electronic devices in custom PCB assembly manufacturing? Next, the leading custom PCB assembly manufacturer in China - Giant will introduce to you.

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What are the commonly used electronic devices in custom PCB assembly manufacturing?

1. Resistance

Resistors are electronic devices with resistance characteristics and are one of the more widely used components in PCBA processing. Resistors are divided into fixed resistors and variable resistors (potentiometers), which play the role of voltage division, current shunting, and current limiting in the circuit.

2. Capacitance

The capacitor is also one of the basic components in Custom PCB assembly manufacturing. It is a storage component of electric energy and plays the role of coupling, filtering, DC and tuning in electronic circuits.

3. Inductance

Inductance is also called an induction coil, which has the function of storing magnetic energy. The inductor coil in Custom PCB assembly manufacturing usually consists of a skeleton, windings, shields, iron cores, etc.

4. Potentiometer

The resistance of the potentiometer can change the resistance. During PCBA processing, the resistor needs to be continuously adjusted within a specified range, which is called a potentiometer. The potentiometer is composed of a shell, a sliding end, a rotating shaft, a ring resistor and 3 lead ends.

5. Transistor

The transistor is the core device for signal amplification and processing and is widely used in PCBA patch processing.

6. Field Effect Tube

The field-effect tube is also a kind of semiconductor device with a PN junction. Unlike a transistor, the PN junction is not used in PCBA processing for its conductive properties, but its insulation properties.

7. Electroacoustic device

The device used in the circuit to complete the conversion between the electrical signal and the sound signal is called an electroacoustic device. It has a variety of speakers, microphones, headphones, transmitters, receivers and so on.

8. Light guide device

SMT chip processing requires the use of semiconductor light-sensitive photoconductive devices, photovoltaic cells and semiconductor light-emitting devices, such as photovoltaic devices, that use the semiconductor photovoltaic effect.

9. Transformer

The transformer processed by PCBA consists of an iron core (or iron core) and a coil. The coil has two or more windings. The winding connected to the power supply is called the primary winding, and the remaining windings are called the secondary winding. A transformer is a device that transforms voltage, current and impedance. When there is an alternating current in the primary coil, an alternating magnetic flux is generated in the iron core, allowing voltage to be induced in the secondary coil. Transformers are mainly used for AC voltage conversion, current conversion, power conversion, impedance conversion and buffer isolation, and are one of the indispensable parts in the PCBA process.

10. Diode

The diode (ie, semiconductor diode, hereinafter referred to as diode) is composed of a PN junction, an electrode lead, and an additional sealed shell, and has unidirectional conductivity.

11. Electronic display device

An electronic display device is a photoelectric conversion device that converts electrical signals into optical signals, that is, a device for displaying numbers, symbols, text, or images. It is a key component of an electronic display device and has a great influence on the performance of the display device.

12. Sensor

The patch of the sensor is very important during PCBA processing. The sensor can feel the measurement and convert it into a usable signal device according to a certain rule, usually composed of sensitive components and conversion components.

PCBA processing is inseparable from these electronic devices, and the performance and quality of electronic devices also affect the quality of PCBA finished products. Among them, SMT chip processing and PCB circuit board processing are also very important, especially in the PCBA processing process. The function of each component.

The above is an introduction to the commonly used electronic components in PCBA processing. If you have circuit board products, you need to do PCB design, PCB manufacturing, component purchasing, SMT patch processing, DIP plug-in processing, custom PCB assembly services, Welcome to contact Giant!






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