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What is PCBA?

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PCBA is the abbreviation of Printed Circuit Board Assembly in English, which means that the empty PCB board is loaded by SMT, and then goes through the entire process of DIP plug-in.

The core part of all electronic products is composed of PCBA; all functions are realized without PCB assembly. Taking a desktop computer as an example, the units inside the chassis do not contain PCBA except for the heat dissipation part, and all the remaining functional units have PCBA. There are PCBA in the hard disk and power supply. The display other than the host has a display driver board (PCBA) and an LCD screen, and the LCD screen also has PCBA. There is also a small PCBA in the mouse, keyboard, and even the Bluetooth receiver of the wireless mouse and keyboard. Therefore, PCBA is the basic unit of all functions in the electronics industry.

PCBA is the most important part of all electronic product components, similar to the neural network of the human body. The brain of electronic products: CPU is installed on PCBA. The life, operating speed, reliability and stability of general consumer electronic products have the most direct relationship with PCBA. Therefore, the quality of PCBA is also the most direct determinant of the overall quality of electronic products.

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