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What Problems Should Be Paid Attention To In PCBA Processing?

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What problems should be paid attention to in PCBA processing? What should be paid attention to in PCB production? The editor of china pcb assembly services manufacturer will take you to understand.

Auditing a china pcb assembly services manufacturer must not only pay attention to its scale and environment, but also pay attention to these key quality points. The grade of the base material varies from A to C, and the price varies greatly. The clean management of dust-free exposure workshops can also be understood through the documents of third-party testing agencies. There are many factors that determine the quality of the PCB. Among them, important substrate materials, dust-free exposure and copper-clad copper are the key circuit boards. The copper plating process requires high consistency and uniformity. The management of solution replacement needs to be standardized, and the equipment needs to be maintained in place. In practice, it is also necessary to summarize and improve the copper plating process.

What issues should be paid attention to when purchasing components?

Ensuring that the components come from the original brand is critical to the packaging process and prevents batch defects at the source. Electronic manufacturing companies need to set up the incoming material inspection location (IQC) to check the consistency of the incoming materials, and sample the appearance, component values, errors, etc. PCBA electronics manufacturing companies also need to continuously optimize their component supplier channels.

Surface mount process requirements for SMT chip processing

In the process of smt surface mounting, PCBA electronics manufacturing company needs to ensure that the solder paste is printed uniformly and the program design of the smt machine is reasonable to ensure the mounting yield of high-precision IC and BGA. 100% AOI inspection and manufacturing process quality inspection (IPQC) is very necessary. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the management of incoming materials, and strict file management is required from incoming materials to stacking stations.

How to test after custom PCB assembly is processed?

Design engineers usually reserve test points on the PCB and provide corresponding test solutions to PCBA electronics manufacturers. In ICT and FCT tests, analyze the voltage and current curves of the circuit and the functional test results of electronic products (with some test racks), and then compare the test plans to establish an acceptable range, which also provides convenience for customers' continuous improvement.






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