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Why Do Custom PCB Assembly Circuit Boards Sometimes Need A Dispensing Process?

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Customers often ask the custom pcb assembly manufacturer when processing custom pcb assembly, do we need to do glue dispensing process for our products? At this time, we will communicate with the customer and determine whether to do the dispensing process based on the actual use of the product in the future. Let's talk about the glue dispensing process and when we need to do the glue dispensing process in detail below.

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1. What is the dispensing process?

We searched for the dispensing process, and you can see the explanation about the dispensing process on Baidu Encyclopedia: Dispensing is a process, also called sizing, gluing, potting, dripping, etc. It is a combination of electronic glue, oil or Other liquids are applied, potted, and dripped onto the product to make the product play a role in sticking, potting, insulation, fixing, and smooth surface. According to the explanation given by Baidu Encyclopedia, we can understand that the dispensing process is actually a process to protect the product.

2. Why do we need to do glue dispensing process?

The dispensing process has two major functions: preventing solder joints from loosening and moisture-proof insulation. Most of the places that need dispensing process are in areas with weak structures on the PCB, such as a chip. When the product is dropped and shaken, the PCB will oscillate back and forth, and the oscillation will be transmitted to the solder joint position between the chip and the PCB, which will cause the solder joints. Cracked. At this time, the glue does make the solder joints completely surrounded by the glue, reducing the risk of cracking in the solder joint itself. Of course, not all custom pcb assemblies will use the dispensing process, because its existence also brings some drawbacks, such as the complexity of the production process, the increase in the difficulty of disassembly and repair (it is difficult to remove the chip if it is stuck, it needs to be removed first. glue)

Objectively speaking, dispensing will improve the reliability of the product. It is responsible to the user. Not dispensing can reduce costs. It is responsible to yourself. At the process level, dispensing is not a necessary option, and it is not necessary for cost considerations. However, it is a good practice to improve product reliability and avoid quality hazards. It should be done out of accountability to users. Whether or not to dispense glue should be judged according to the actual use of the product.






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