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Why More And More Customers Choose Pcba One-Stop Service

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More and more customers are asking whether their suppliers can provide PCBA one-stop service. Now more and more pcb suppliers and pcb assembly suppliers are developing to provide one-stop service.

So this is why more and more customers choose PCB + electronic components one-stop procurement service.

First: The component sales channels are networked, and prices tend to be transparent

At present, the entire component sales network has truly been established. Enter the model, price, manufacturer's production status and whether there is inventory online, you can find any kind of material. In fact, the whole process is very simple. If the company bought it by itself, you need to ask someone who understands the material if it is a genuine supplier and when can it be shipped. But in this way, the final purchased material may be the same price as the supplier, which is equivalent to spending more money to do the same thing.

Second: rising labor costs, reducing costs to deal with uncertainty

Facing the current unstable situation, we can really feel that orders are not increasing, but decreasing. Without increasing orders, it is absolutely impossible to reduce labor costs. The entire PCBA one-stop service includes the entire budget, the price is controllable, there are no other costs, and the uncertainty is reduced.

Third: hand over professional matters to a more professional team

Compared with general solution companies, since it does not involve specific back-end production processes, it may not know the current price trends of PCB circuit boards and components and the new SMT technology. But PCBA manufacturers deal with these back-end processes every day. The engineers of PCBA processing plants know very well what kind of circuit board and what kind of solder paste are used in what industry.

The most important point is that PCBA manufacturers have many customers, and the demand for parts procurement is also great. Correspondingly, you can get more terminal channels and thus get more products, so the price will definitely be lower and the quality will definitely be guaranteed. After all, terminal dealers don't want to lose their main customers. If you buy from one company, you may not be able to reach the lowest price offered by other companies.

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